Wedding Pauliny i Pawła – „Malinowa Weranda” Markowa



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    Wedding Pauline and Paul will remember for sure for a long time. This great night spent in Markov premises “Raspberry Porch”. One of the attractions at the wedding was our fotobudka, through which all the guests loved using the opportunity to do funny pics, dressing up in funny gadgets and creating an amazing atmosphere. Everyone had a great time, taking souvenir pictures that will remind them of this wonderful wedding. Commemorative album filled with colorful photographs and funny entries, so Paulina and Paul will have an unusual souvenir. Another beautiful attraction for the wedding was a dance performance by professional dancers, who finished joint fun to dance with all the guests. Top Dog wedding was a team of Sun River, which professionally lead the whole party and provided live music. So in a few sentences you can describe the wedding Pauline and Paul, which has happened a lot and all the guests will remember them with great enthusiasm.

    Photos from the wedding Pauline and Paul to watch in the gallery:

    Paulina & Paweł 21.05.2016

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