Wedding Monica and Luke – “Leliwa” Przeworsk



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    We had the pleasure of participating in a magnificent wedding Monica and Luke, where there was no shortage of attractions and great fun. Once launched fotobudkę, started a great game, in which everyone wanted to participate. All guests with great pleasure benefited from fototobudki. New, extremely colorful, Button background wpasowało perfectly to the atmosphere at the wedding, which is further podgrzewały colorful gadgets. Commemorative album, which Young couple received a gift, was filled with entries and funny pictures. At this wedding she has also recorded a short promotional film by the company “KLAP STUDIO”. Thanks to Monica and Luke, we make it available on the website and on Guests from around Przeworsk, Jaroslaw, Transriver and other destinations province. Podkarpackie brought with them a souvenir photo that will remind you this unforgettable day.
    Greetings to Monica and Luke
    Photos from the wedding to see the gallery:

    Monika & Łukasz 17.10.2015


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